Treating chronic pain

Nov 16, 2021

Chronic pain is one of the most challenging complaints that health care practitioners are faced with on a daily basis. Back pain, sports injuries and work-related injuries are the worst culprits when it comes to long term pain. There are multiple theories as to why the body experiences chronic pain, one of which is an inflammatory process that gets stagnant.

These days people want results and they want them quickly. Back pain and sports injuries can persist for months, sometimes years. Usually the body has the ability to heal itself, however sometime it gets it wrong and as a result we’re stuck in a frustrating chronic pain cycle. One of the main reasons for this is because the body’s natural healing response i.e inflammation, has become stagnant and can’t complete itself. Without an active inflammation process the body can not deliver the necessary cells to the site of injury, resulting in an injury that could persist for months and sometimes years.

Over the last few years, research has show that Shockwave Therapy not only has the potential to halve your treatment and recovery time, but it also gives you a second chance by resetting the inflammatory healing cycle, allowing you to fully recover from an injury you experienced many years prior.

How does it do this you ask? Without using too much jargon, it transmits strong impulses powered by a supercharged air compressor into the area affected, turning a chronic inflammation into an acute one.

Five years ago I injured my shoulder playing Aussie rules football and it was one of the worst sporting injuries I have experienced to date. I have had to invest a lot of time and money into making sure my shoulder remains mobile and healthy. Even then, I would only have short term relief. Recently I was even contemplating reducing my working hours as my shoulder would often be burning and incredibly painful after a long day of helping clients with their own pain.

My own personal experience using Shockwave Therapy has totally changed my outlook on chronic injuries. After just 2 sessions I no longer have pain and I actually have the most range of motion through my shoulder joint that I have had in a long time. Shockwave Therapy has reseted the muscles and tendons on my shoulders so they were finally able to complete the inflammatory process that started 5 years ago and became stagnant. I will still have to complete my daily rehab routine but I now have the ability to achieve strength and movement that I may never have been able to achieve before.

Shockwave is simply amazing and has multiple uses. This technology is definitely not a phase, it is here to stay. Frontline, the physios magazine, recently published the results of a research carried out when treating patients with Shockwave Therapy for Adhesive Capsulitis/Frozen Shoulder. The results were extraordinary.

At CBR clinics we consider ourselves industry leaders and have realised the amazing potential of shockwave and have already seen incredible results. While it might not be suitable to many, it is suitable to most. But it’s so important that only qualified and competent practitioners use this device. That’s why all our therapist have received exclusive training from DJO Global, Europe’s biggest electrotherapy supplier.

To find out how Shockwave Therapy could help you and your chronic injury just send us a message.

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