Fat Pad Impingement: symptoms, causes and how to manage it.

May 24, 2023

If you’re experiencing localised pain below or behind the kneecap, swelling, difficulty extending or flexing your knee, or a sensation of catching in the joint, you might be dealing with fat pad impingement, also known as Hoffa’s syndrome. These symptoms can worsen with activities involving repetitive knee bending or prolonged sitting.

Fat pad impingement can result from trauma, overuse, poor biomechanics, muscle imbalances, obesity, or structural abnormalities. Identifying the underlying cause is essential for effective treatment. Often clients who come into clinic will be the ones who never used to exercise and suddenly decided to start a workout programme. In those cases fat pad impingement will arise from poor technique and lack of foot control; in other words, poor biomechanics.

Physiotherapy and Osteopathy can be key components of managing fat pad impingement. The primary goals of these treatments are to alleviate pain, restore normal knee function, address underlying issues, and prevent future recurrences. This may involve pain management techniques, manual therapy, strengthening exercises, functional training, gait analysis, and patient education.

At CBR Clinics in Waterloo and Canary Wharf, our experienced physiotherapists and osteopaths have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating fat pad impingement. We employ evidence-based techniques and personalised treatment plans to address each patient’s unique needs. With our multidisciplinary approach and collaborative care, we can help you find effective relief from fat pad impingement.

Don’t let fat pad impingement hold you back—seek professional assistance and regain pain-free movement in your knees. Contact CBR Clinics in London Waterloo and Canary Wharf on 0330 299 3020 or click HERE to book online to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced physiotherapists or osteopaths who can help people with your pain.


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