Now offering Lactation Consultancy!

Nov 11, 2021


Hi, I’m Rachel and I am very excited to be working as part of the CBR Clinics team.

I have been working in infant feeding since 2006 and as a Lactation Consultant I provide specialist feeding and bonding support for all families as they grow from pre-conception onwards. Each family’s journey is unique to them and so my support is tailored to their needs.

What might a feeding journey look like?

-Accessing support and education in your preconception or antenatal stage (includes surrogacy teams accessing together, and exclusively LGBTQ+ classes)

-1 parent feeding at the breast / chest

-2 parents feeding at the breast / chest

-Tandem feeding / inducing lactation / re-lactating

-Using a supplemental nursing system (SNS) to enable any expressed breast / donor / formula milk to be fed at the breast / chest

-Using a bottle to feed expressed breast / donor or formula milk, pacing feeds and understanding volume

-Transitions and endings

In addition to one to one lactation/feeding support I also offer antenatal workshops, hypnobirthing courses, advocacy, expert witness testimony and training for professional development. My sessions at CBR Clinics are done remotely via telehealth.

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