Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal training is a popular form of fitness coaching that involves working with a certified fitness professional to help achieve specific health and fitness goals. People pursue personal training for a variety of reasons, such as

  • to improve their overall health
  • increase their strength and flexibility
  • lose weight
  • prepare for a specific event or sport

One of the primary benefits of personal training is the customised approach to fitness. With a personal trainer you can receive individualised attention and support, with the trainer designing a program that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. That includes developing a fitness plan that takes into account any pre-existing health conditions, injuries or limitations.

Personal training can also be an effective way to learn proper form and technique when performing exercises, reducing the risk of injury and maximising the effectiveness of each workout. This is especially important for those who are new to fitness or who are returning to exercise after a long break. With the help of a certified personal trainer, you can achieve your goals in a safe, effective, and sustainable way.


Arran Entwistle

Chartered Physiotherapist / Personal Trainer

With a Level 3 qualification in personal training and a BSc (hons) first class degree in both Sports 6 Therapy and Physiotherapy, Arran is the perfect choice for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals. He has worked with people from all levels of fitness, from beginners to athletes, including marathon runners, mixed martial artists, and weightlifters.

What will happen in your personal training sessions?

On your first session we will discuss your current fitness levels, health history and goals. We will also assess your strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate any past injuries or medical conditions that could affect your training. We will then help you set specific, measurable, and achievable goals that align with your interests and motivations. These goals may be long or short-term and will serve as the foundation of the training program

Your exercise programme will be 100% bespoke, tailored to your goals, fitness level, and schedule. The program may include a combination of cardiovascular and resistance training, as well as stretching and mobility work.

As your fitness levels improve, we will adjust the program to ensure progress continues to be made. The program may include more advanced exercises or increase in intensity as the client becomes more fit. We may also provide guidance on nutrition, suggesting healthy eating habits to support your goals.

What our clients say…

3 doctors mis-diagnosed me with RSI (including a private hand ‘expert’)… CBR diagnosed me correctly as having neck issues before I even arrived – just from my description of symptoms… I just hope I remember to go to a Physio first before a doctor when I next get pains in my joints.

Charlie S.

A very professional team and detail-minded treatment, which provides patient a comprehensive approach for speedy recovery. Reasonable price and nice follow-up. Highly recommended to any Londoners or the tourists.

V. Man

My visit to Bruno are really effective on my back right on the same day. He is a great profesional as well as a really warm person to deal. He make you feel calm and relaxed at the consultation. I have recovered strength on my arm thanks to his treatments. I will definitely recommend anyone to go to his clinic.

Maria A.

Peter was very professional! He identified my problem area, gave me excellent advice and exercise to do. I left feeling very positive, will definitely recommend him to people.

C. Cole

I have been treated by Silvia for a shoulder pain. She is an amazing osteopath, very profesional, knowledgeable and a nice person. Silvia is very easy going and explains things extremely clearly.I have been back a few times since and always had fantastic results. I cant recommend CBR Clinic highly enough. Thank you Silvia for making my shoulder much better!

Natalie H

I have been having treatment at CBR Clinics for over 3 months now and I can honestly say that it is one of the best investments in myself I have made. I have had a bad back for a long period which stems from lots of sport and the office job. After seeing Lyndsy Mills my back has recovered and mornings tend to be much easier 🙂 I would recommend to friends, family and work colleagues.

James B.

A very professional team and detail-minded treatment, which provides patient a comprehensive approach for speedy recovery. Reasonable price and nice follow-up. Highly recommended to any Londoners or the tourists.

V. Man

Really good support throughout the 3 weeks of physio. Great selection of take-home exercises and advice that helped me recover and get back to playing sport a good week before I thought I’d be able to. Would definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking for top quality treatment.

M. Batstone

Bruno & his team are professional, efficient, knowledgeable in a number of different disciplines, treatment was effective and Bruno charming. The clinic’s location is very convenient being directly opposite Waterloo station. Disabled parking is availabe in street behind the clinic.

Patricia P.

I’ve been going to CBR for a few years now and have been treated by three of their staff in that time – all great, especially Bruno. I love the fact you can book online and they’re open late most nights and around on thr weekend too. My current treatment is under Nick who specialises in headaches from which I suffer, not just treating the pain but trying to get me to a position where I don’t have to visit too often. How many osteos do that?

Saffron B.